Welcome to LegendaryFoto - A website dedicated to bringing you the most beautiful images we can.

We are David and Ashlee Inglesby and we love photography. We have been working to capture images in the best possible way for over 15 years. We are based in Northern California, but love to travel and have gone to great lengths to photograph beauty in a few corners of the world. We strive to produce clear, rich photos in the most unaltered way as we believe the beauty all around us should be shared with the world just as it is. Thanks for visiting our site! We hope you find just what you need.

Our photography has taken us many places, mostly over land, and some overseas. We typically pile in our trusty VW New Beetle TDI and we have taken it as far as the Arctic Ocean in search of the perfect shot. We have chased light in many states, a few provinces in Canada, and a few countries in Europe and we plan to continue traveling the world in our quest for the most beautiful pictures we can capture. Our primary tools are a Canon 5D MKIII and an assortment of Canon lenses including the 100-400L, 24-105L, and 100L Macro. We like to employ any tools we can to capture what we see so we also use a GoPro and a few hacked Canon point and shoot cameras. We also enjoy some film work and shoot with a Minolta SRT-101. We bring along 2 tripods, one lightweight carbon fiber unit and one heavy majestic aluminum for maximum stability. A few reflectors round out our kit and allow us to shoot portraits in challenging lighting conditions.

Thanks for visiting our site! We hope you find just what you need.

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